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Londinium which is known as London was established by the Romans in the first century CE. The city of London has seen great disasters like Black Death in the 14th century, plague and great fire of London in 17th century and German bombarding during World War II. But, London England was not finished yet. It came back with the bang and remained the centre of world trade from the late 18th century onwards. Be it the first railway or underground metro; London always has shown a new height of human limitation. London first railway was set up in 1836 and world’s first underground metro was also set up here in 1863.

London is the 6th largest city economy in the world. UK Government policies also helped the city for making it the prime financial and commercial centre. A business friendly environment, good transport infrastructure, low taxes, particularly for foreigners and a deregulated economy with little intervention by the government are few advantages which have always attracted business houses from all over world. Even still, approximately more than 15000 manufacturing business such as clothing, printing, fabricated metal, furniture and other wood products are running in London. A good recycling sector is also growing there.

In professional’s world, London is known as the home of banks, brokers, insurers and legal and accounting firms. After finance, the second most competitive sector in London is media and the BBC is the key employer. While talking about prime industries in the London; one can not forget London’s tourism industry which is one of the largest tourism industries in the world.

The capital city of United Kingdom London has several centres of attractions like Buckingham palace, British museum, Westminster Abbey, tower of London, madame Tussauds wax museum and so on. World’s largest observation wheel ‘London Eye’ and Shakespeare’s globe theatre are also amongst major tourist attraction in London. Imperial war museum in London is a collection of military weapons, vehicles and memorabilia from Britain’s wars. The huge collection of European paintings, including works by Da Vinci, Rembrandt, etc can be experienced in the national gallery of London.

London is a very foggy and rainy town. Hence, summer must be the best time to plan a trip to London. There are eight airports in London and still the busiest airport in the world is London Heathrow Airport. London underground metro which is known as ‘The Tube’ serves the central area and most suburbs. The tube train service begins around 5A.M. Monday to Saturday, 7:30A.M. on Sunday. These services last at 11:30 and 12:30P.M. Double Decker bus service is also a very convenient way for getting around the city.

Thus, London is ethnically and culturally diverse city which amalgamate a lot new every year.
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